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Company Story

Fresh Leadership was born from the recognition that times are changing. Across the country, there is a changing of the guard happening, a leadership handoff from one generation to the next. In Hawaii, with its aging population and limited pool of young talent, the issues accompanying this transition are perhaps more acute. We wanted to do something to ease this transition, to help Hawaii prepare for a prosperous future. Founded by Craig Chong in 2003, Fresh Leadership was established to help leaders and organizations develop the skillsets required for sustainable success. Utilizing methodologies pioneered by the renowned corporate strategist Tom Paterson with Fortune 500 companies, we have been serving business leaders, educators and nonprofits in Hawaii and the Pacific Rim for the last nine years. Over that time, our network has continued to grow, and our strategic partners now allow us to supplement our services beyond our core offering of strategic planning and leadership development with branding, PR, communications and educational strategy.