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Praise for Fresh Leadership
Dee Jay Miller
Retired CEO Kamehameha Schools

It’s a rare indulgence for CEOs to reflect on their personal plans amidst their accountability to others. It’s a competence that many of us have not exercised and could use some training in. Fresh Leadership helps you sift through complexity to find simple solutions and paths for the good of you and others. Whether you’re faced with minor adjustments or major life changes such as retirement, Fresh Leadership helps you hold the mirror that reflects who you are and becomes a portal for all that you can be.

Colbert Matsumoto
Chairman & CEO Island Insurance Company, Ltd.

Fresh Leadership combines an understanding of organizational dynamics with keen insights into individual personality traits – particularly of the younger generation of employees - enabling them to be an exceptional facilitators of corporate planning processes. In today’s work environment the gap between generations often hampers effective communication and understanding. Their ability to listen and comprehend diverse perspectives bridges generations together to achieve results.

Cheryl Lupenui Kahuane

I found my experiences with Fresh Leadership were always thoughtful and productive. Fresh Leadership has a special talent for supporting leaders in strategy development and execution to get results that are sustainable.

David Bess
Professor of Management, Shidler College of Business at the University of Hawaii

Fresh Leadership’s program energized our students in their planning process for career/professional development and personal lives. They are professionals who are able to communicate complex concepts and provide a safe environment for participants.

John Leong
President and CEO, Pono Pacific, LLC

Fresh Leadership has helped us to better understand our people as well as the team dynamics that have helped us to place people in their optimal capacities. I tremendously appreciate Fresh Leadership’s wisdom in deciphering vision and strategy for the two companies.

Catherine Payne
Former Principal, Farrington High School

Fresh Leadership was able to lead Farrington through a comprehensive strategic planning process that resulted in a five-year plan to restructure our school. We have created and begun to implement a plan that is building an exciting new future for the students of Farrington.

Robert Armstrong
CEO, Armstrong Companies Hawaii

Fresh Leadership helped our business units work together to become more successful. I highly recommend them to organizations that are interested in learning how to take advantage of their potential.

Terrence R. George
Executive Vice-President & Executive Director, Harold K.L. Castle Foundation

Fresh Leadership’s executive coaching helped me gain clarity around my life and work goals. I've clarified leadership roles among my team at work, and I've taken risks in my personal and professional life that I would not have otherwise taken.

David Arita
President, American Carpet One

Fresh Leadership has been a great coach for me. They are able to comprehend the issues and the problems very easily and help me walk through the processes so I am able to make better and clearer decisions for my company and myself.

Norman Sakamoto
Former Senator, State of Hawaii, Chairman Senate Education Committee

By working with Fresh Leadership, and going through the lifeplanning and coaching principles, the alternatives before me were clear. Fresh Leadership helped my wife and me to plan for a more balanced life as we forge ahead.

Gerald Teramae
Former Kalani High School Principal

Fresh Leadership’s assistance and guidance for our school have provided for us an unbiased and true perspective of the components within and outside of our school that will need to be addressed for our school to attain our vision and mission.

Dr. Keith J. Hamilton
President, Alaska Christian College

Fresh Leadership works hard to serve your needs and find ways to increase your effectiveness as a leader. I have learned more about my leadership style than I thought possible and the tools used to encounter the areas for growth were really helpful.

Dave Barr
Sr. Pastor, New Hope Windward

Fresh Leadership helped us cultivate a greater understanding of our strengths and weaknesses. This has helped us set realistic expectations with one another. I also have a real clear idea of what my needs and passions are so I can focus on them and keep my tanks filled for the journey.

John Razonable
Senior Project Manager A-1-A Lectricians

Fresh Leadership’s coaching has brought clarity to our company in interacting with each other. To borrow from a phrase from “Good to Great”, we're all on the bus now and we're getting everyone in the right seats.